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Residence - Increase your Security

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The easiest, most affordable cellphone

Gate Entry Controller:

  • Use cellphone to control access to a property's entry gate

  • Simple and quick to install

  • Flexible installation - inside existing keypad boxes or as replacement for expensive keypad by installing the IntelliGATE inside the gate's gear housing

  • No upfront cost; Monthly cost per household is less than $3.00

  • Unlimited registered phone numbers per household

  • Easy to administrate remotely (from anywhere in the US)

  • Access to gate entrance's (activities) history data remotely

IntelliGATE is significantly less expensive and more convenient than traditional keypads, FOBs or remotes for gate entry.

RFID windshield tag.png
RF-ID Card.png
Remote control.png
Key FOB and Keypad.png

Windshield mounted Tag (RFID or Barcode)

Identifies the vehicle, not the driver. Fades due to sun damage, therefore unreliable.

Magnetic, Barcode or RFID card
Once stolen or lost, the security is compromised. 

Easy to copy (Amazon sells copiers for under $20.00). 

Keychain FOB or Keypad

It is common for residents to provide PIN CODE to guests, hence security is compromised.

FOB - once stolen or lost, security is compromised.

Easily duplicated (Amazon sells duplicators for under $20.00).

Remote Control
Once stolen or lost, the security is compromised.  Easily broken, requires battery, and easily copied.

Most Common Gate Access Devices & Technologies

Vehcle with 2 residents in front of a ga

How it works?

The IntelliGATE is just like a cellphone. It includes its own telephone number.



Picture 069.jpg

You add the IntelliGATE's telephone number to your contact list.

iphonr screen with contact info.png

Done!   You just completed the setup.


You are ready to operate the gate.


How to OPEN the gate?

By Dialing, Speed Dialing, Texting 'O', 
or by Voice Command

Gate with Hey Siri call Weat Gate.png
Gate with OK Google call West Gate.png

The IntelliGATE Records each activity whether you are authorized resident or not.

Each activity is posted in the CLOUD as Audit Trail entry.

Adit Trail-Authorized.png
Adit Trail-UnAuthorized.png
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