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Gate Installers &
Gate Fabricators or Assemblers

Installation/ Wiring 

Items included with IntelliGATE

EZ863H with clear background.png

Cellular Controller

JB-120 Antenna.png


24P cable Assy.png

24P Cable Harness

Power Adapter.png

Power Adapter

Requires only 4 wire leads

24P Harness with 4 marked wire leads.png

#23  GND

#24  +12V

#13   Relay Contact

#14   Relay Contact  

All remaining wire leads are for future options

Wiring the intelliGATE to the Gate Operator

Example # 1

Wiring of the Gate Operator with Intelli

The RED wire leads are from an existing remote control receiver.

The BLACK wire leads are from the IntelliGATE controller.

Example # 2

Wiring of IntelliGATE ro logic board.png

Example # 3

LiftMaster hookup for IntelliGATE.png
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